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Since hosting our first event in 1910, Savoy Hotel has become one of the premier meeting venues in Buenos Aires. Our three-level conference centre boasts 746 square metres encompassing 11 meeting rooms capable of accommodating events of up to 800 guests in all meeting rooms combined. 

Plan Your Meeting with Us

After meeting with you to determine your goals and requirements for your meeting our event planning and catering teams will design a fully customised gathering to meet your vision and budget and exceed your expectations. Allow the Savoy Hotel event professionals to see to everything, from catering cuisine and venue décor to audio-visual arrays and special group rates on accommodations for your guests staying at the hotel.

The Library
Meeting Room
Meeting Room



Included services (subject to availability)

Flipchart | Stage | Podium | Air conditioning Cold / Heat | Fire protection

Wifi connection (standard) | Room Assembly | Pens and Note Pads (up to 200 units)

Additional services

Audiovisual equipment | Gastronomic Services | High speed Wi-Fi connection.

Meeting Venues at Savoy Hotel


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The Library

This meeting room is located on the ground floor, near to “Restaurant Las Manzanas”. Inspired by a library, it is perfect for holding exclusive meetings.