Numerous icons of history and celebrities at Savoy Hotel.

María Eva Duarte de Perón

(1919 – 1952)
At the beginning of the 40s an ascending figure of the theatre, the radio and the national cinema made the Savoy Hotel his residence. The elegant silhouette of Eva Duarte did not go unnoticed.

Those who had the privilege of attending it, from concierges to maids, always remembered the kind and affectionate treatment they received from someone who a few years later would become the charismatic and selfless Evita, first lady of Argentina and creator of the foundation to which she dedicated the best years of her brief but intense life.

Eva Duarte occupied room 111 on the first floor, which is located on the corner of Callao and Cangallo. In its cheerful interior, adorned with mouldings of floral motifs and musical instruments, Evita read and reread the scripts of the radio soap operas of which the star figure was.

Albert Einstein

(1879 - 1955)
Albert Einstein was invited to visit Argentina in 1925 and remained among us for a month giving master classes in which he spoke before our scientific community about the Theory of Relativity and also participated in conferences in which he presented his vision on a united Europe and pacifism. Einstein stayed in the house of the Wasserman family since at that time it was usual for the great personalities to stay in private residences, but it was precisely in the Savoy that he stopped being a lecturer to become honoured. From several hours before the start of the event, hundreds of people lined up in front of the entrance hoping to just shake their hands.

Lisandro De La Torre

(1868 - 1939)
On December 14, 1914, at the Savoy Hotel Buenos Aires, Lisandro de la Torre met with his entire team, with the purpose of founding a new political party, which was called the Progressive Democratic Party. The resumption of political activity brought the Savoy to a new generation of representatives of the most diverse currents. As proof of loyalty to the hotel that saw it born, in 2004 the Democratic Progressive Party recalled its founding in the same room as Lisandro de la Torre.

Carlos Perette

(1915 - 1992)
In the 1960s, the comfort of the Savoy and its closeness to the National Congress meant that for three years it was inhabited by Doctor Carlos Perette, formula buddy of Arturo Illia, who was president between 1963 and 1966 until he was deposed by a military coup. . Even before they took office on October 12, 1963, the hotel's meeting rooms were used by both politicians to define their cabinet of ministers and collaborators. In November, instead of using one of the salons of the Casa Rosada, President Illia preferred the privacy of the Savoy to communicate to the executives of the foreign oil companies operating in the country his decision to cancel the concessions that had been granted to them during the government of Arturo Frondizi.